Managing every detail of your move

Helping you to downsize and/or declutter in your current home.

Whether downsizing in your current home or relocating to a new one, our goal is to support and simplify the process.

We love working with families, couples and individuals, with special emphasis on the needs of seniors.

While some people approach relocation with joy and excitement, others may have trepidation. We understand this and will do our best to make your moving experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. Treating our clients with dignity and respect is our main concern. We look forward to seeing our clients settled happily into their new homes.

We see the total picture, and we understand your feelings. Moving and/or decluttering can be stressful! With Simply Downsizing, you can relax, knowing that you’ve got an experienced, caring team by your side. Your project will be completed in an efficient, respectful and cost-effective manner, reflecting your timeline and your wishes. We’ll make sure that your home is free of hazardous waste, old medications and expired foods. These items are handled in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Letting go of a lifetime of possessions is liberating, but it can be a challenging process. Let us help you keep the memories but discard the clutter!

What We Do

Whether you are downsizing your current home or moving to a new one, our goal is to support and simplify the process. We fully support the aging in place philosophy, which is why we are happy to assist our senior clients in creating an environment that is safe and well organized. Whether staying in your current home or moving to another country, Simply Downsizing will handle the details! Find out more about our services.


  • Create an overall plan for your move or for aging-in-place arrangements
  • Sort possessions and arrange for appropriate disposition
  • Floor plan creation
  • Arrange for storage as needed
  • Shopping and errands
  • Arrange for/coordinate work by 3rd party vendors, i.e., painters, movers, handymen and other contractors
  • Assure that utilities, services and mail are transferred to new residence
  • Work with your realtor to assure that your home is ready for market
  • Unpack and oversee furniture placement in your new home. Create an organized home environment, ready for your enjoyment.

Decluttering and Organizing

Simply Downsizing staff can help you to eliminate clutter and establish order in your home. Whether it’s time to discard clothing, old magazines, household hazardous waste or just cleaning the closets, we can help bring order to your living space.

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