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Simply Downsizing was est. in 2014, after owner Mary Jane Snyder had dealt with downsizing, moving and resettling both of her parents. They both lived on the east coast, which meant that Mary Jane had to take time off work and away from children at home, in order to travel cross-country to help her parents. This arrangement was stressful, time-consuming and expensive, leading Mary Jane to think that there had to be a better way. By discovering an established professional community in Senior Move Management, Mary Jane found that there is indeed a better way and that it was a role she was eager to fill for clients in need of such services.

Mary Jane has lived in the Crescenta Valley for many years and has created strong ties to the town. She loves living at the foothills surrounding Los Angeles and is well situated to work with clients from her community as well as those in the greater Los Angeles area. Mary Jane has experience in both corporate and nonprofit environments, as well as extensive volunteer experience. She is also a member of NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Management).

Mary Jane understands the particular stress of an adult child who is sandwiched between parents and children. She also is aware of the challenges experienced by aging parents, who wish to maintain their autonomy but cannot personally take on the demands of moving.

Mary Jane

Why Choose Simply Downsizing?

When you work with the staff of Simply Downsizing, you’ll be working with one source for all your moving/decluttering needs. We’ll coordinate all aspects of your project, providing peace of mind as well as assistance with the physical and emotional demands involved. Your safety and well-being are our top priority! We can eliminate the stress which often is passed to children and friends who may be unable to help perform tasks related to downsizing. Although we provide a broad array of services, you choose only those you need, resulting in a savings of time, money and frustration. Honesty, integrity and compassion are built into every job.

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We are here to make your move as easy and smooth as possible. Please call or send an email so that we can begin to simplify your move or downsizing project.

Joan C

Our family was referred to Mary Jane when we had the need to get a home ready for move-in for a relative with a traumatic brain injury. To further complicate things, we live out of state and so we trusted Mary Jane to coordinate the entire effort. She cleared out the accumulated stuff of many years, arranged to have the home and the hardwood floors cleaned, and the interior refurbished and painted. The before & after is nothing short of astounding, and she provided many photos and other information along the way. From cluttered and grungy the home was made clean, bright, cheerful, and most importantly, safe for a handicapped person and his caregivers. Mary Jane also has many local contacts who do specialty work and they are reliable, reasonably priced and do quality work. We trust Mary Jane implicitly - in the process of going through the house, she unexpectedly found some valuable items which she safeguarded on our behalf and she even took the time to have the items appraised. Her good judgment, top-notch organization skills, resourcefulness, honesty, great communication and competence make her a one-in-a-million resource. Since the first challenging job she took on for us, we have utilized Mary Jane for a number of other needs and she never fails to impress with her proactive and creative competence. She comes up with great suggestions for the most commonsense ways to deal with the task at hand. We plan to utilize Mary Jane's talents in the future and enthusiastically give her our highest recommendation. We could not be happier!

Eleanor F

Mary Jane has been a tremendous help. In my oversized house, three car garage, and stand up attic I have managed to collect way too much stuff and felt totally overwhelmed. She is so kind and patient with me. Never critical nor impatient. Explaining why I should give away things but never forceful. She is so intelligent and kind. I'm sure I am still keeping too many things but she is understanding and patient with me. My husband is 89 years old and become very weak and can't really help. It is very important that I get rid if things and I could never do it alone. She is a perfect help for me.